What are your own energy policies, and are you using biomass already?

Yes, we already use sustainable CO2-neutral energy sources for parts of our production, and also for the transportation of our products. Our heaters have been converted to use bio-oil; in addition a part of our transportation vehicles have been converted to run on refined vegetable oil.
We have also optimized the logistical route for our bio-oil in the sense that a large part of our products are transported across water. This helps not only by reducing fuel use, but also in limiting the traffic flow on the road.
These three targets which have already been achieved, as well as several still to be realized energy conservation plans, are part of the complete Multi-year Energy Plan of the Dutch government, to which we have voluntarily bound ourselves through our environmental license.
The longer term energy conservation plan means that our energy consumption will be tested every four years based on measures taken. We will also indicate which energy conserving goals we have set, and will implement in the next four years.


Van der Kooy Pijnacker (Bio-fuel information)