Can the price be determined for a longer period of time?

Yes, although we do differentiate between two product groups.
For biomass consisting of oils from crops cultivated specifically as energy sources, agreements can be made for the long term, depending on the total purchasing amount and the desired quantity per delivery. In practice, periods up to 3 years are possible. This does include a reservation in case of additional costs for transportation and storage.
As far as biomass consisting of oils from crops not specifically cultivated as energy sources is concerned, we can guarantee a price per desired yearly quantity; this price is much more favorable than long-term contracts. The raw materials for this biomass are the so-called by-products from the oil and oil seed processing industries, such as the food industry. Even though the shells of some seeds contain oil that cannot be used for human food or animal fodder, yet they do have the same high caloric value as other oils and fats so that they can be used as raw material for biomass.


Van der Kooy Pijnacker (Bio-fuel information)