How can you be sure that your products were produced in a sustainable manner?

The main stream of vegetable oils and fats that we use for bio-oil and biomass is released as by-product in the oil and oil seed processing industry in Europe.
These industries have committed to the agreements made by the Round Table Group so that 80% of our products are delivered by suppliers that are clearly operating according to these rules.
The other 20% of our products is made up of a mixture of oils which have very likely also been produced according to these rules, but which we cannot prove because of the many mixtures involved.
In addition, we also import specific oils and fats extracted from the shells of certain nuts and that are not suitable for human or animal consumption. These oils do have high caloric values and are therefore very suitable for use as raw material for bio-oil.
These days we also have at our disposal Jatropha oil, a plant that is specifically cultivated for energy purposes and that has a fine social model and very favorable energy balance.


Van der Kooy Pijnacker (Bio-fuel information)