How does Van der Kooy see the future for biofuels?

We are really already catching a glimpse of the future, with increasing demand for this alternative energy source and knowledge and market developments for biofuels.
It is true that matters are still very labor and capital-intensive, and that new energy production techniques must be developed in order to be able to meet our energy requirements, but this will certainly change in the long run.
An example from the past is the situation where 80% of the population used to be occupied with providing food for everybody, and now only 6% do so. It might be a very realistic thought that something similar could happen in the area of sustainable energy supplies.
In addition, in the future we will have to be more frugal, smarter, and learn to deal with energy in different ways. This process has been determined in part, and also accelerated by, increased consumer consciousness and government stimulation.


Van der Kooy Pijnacker (Bio-fuel information)