Do I need a special license to start using biomass?

In most countries, a so-called environmental license must be applied for in order to start using bio-mass.
In most cases, this is because biomass has not (yet) been recognized as a regular secondary fuel, such as coal, natural gas and oil. This is why an adjustment to the current license will usually be required.
In addition, a lot of biomass is a by-product from the oil and oil seed processing industry; because these products were not produced strictly for fuel purposes, the licenser will look at them more critically.
We have, in part because of questions from licensing government organizations, set up a quality assurance system for our industry, in collaboration with various governments, our marketing board and an independent official certification agency, so that biomass can be followed by “tracking and tracing”, and an analysis of critical areas can guarantee the emissions from biomass installations, as well as be maintained for the local licensing institution.


Van der Kooy Pijnacker (Bio-fuel information)