Sustainably Produced Raw Materials

As supplier and processor of vegetable oils and fats for the production of sustainable energy, we also feel responsible for the sustainable production of the required raw materials.
SustainabilityOur operating philosophy would not allow us to, on the one hand, supply products that have a positive effect on the reduction of CO2 emissions, yet on the other hand would cause valuable tropical forests to be destroyed for the acquisition of raw materials.
For this reason, we have decided to look at our products critically in order to ensure that they comply with the rules of conduct determined, and our membership of the so-called Round Table Group.
We promote and support various studies into the growth of crops such as Jatropha which can be cultivated in various soils, especially in arid soils, and do not crowd out existing forests; an additional advantage is that the local population will be given a strong economic impulse from these initiatives.


Van der Kooy Pijnacker (Bio Fuel information)