Where and how is Bio-oil Used?

Bio-oil is used by energy companies for the production of green energy, and by horticultural companies and industries where it is often used to replenish gas capacity periodically in a durable fashion.

Energy producers already use bio-oil on a large scale in those power plants where green energy is produced supplemented by gas or coal. They are rewarded by the government for the biogenous part included.

A number of energy producers have relatively small decentralized installations that are powered entirely by bio-oil. In part because of these high energy power production plants where residual heat is also used completely, the high valuation of durable energy delivered is attainable. These installations are called “biomass stand-alones” and are rewarded by the government with the highest compensation for green energy delivery, the same as for wind turbines at sea.

Most installations that function in this way are called Combined Heat and Power Systems (CHP) and often consist of adapted modern medium-speed ships’ engines which would normally operate on heavy mineral oil. There are already several projects operational abroad, and in the Netherlands there are many companies and installations interested in applying it, in part because they are becoming more aware of durable entrepreneurship and the government is now rewarding green energy producers per unit delivered.

Modern ships’ engines are more sensitive as far as fuel is concerned. In addition, bio-oil must be of a higher quality, the acidity of the bio-oil in particular is the critical parameter here. The cheaper fast running and specially adapted diesel engines can be used for this purpose also. These are even more sensitive where fuel is concerned, and can only use de-gummed and refined oil exclusively. We can supply this refined Pure Plant Oil (PPO).


Van der Kooy Pijnacker (Bio-oil information)