Solid biomass

Solid biomass is used in specific solid matter fermenting installations, where methane gas is produced, and in solid matter fueled power stations.
The most important features of solid biomass are dry matter and ash content. For dry matter fueled power stations, it is also important whether the product can be transported to the oven using the internal fuel transportation system.
Solid biomass contains various kinds of vegetable oils mixed with clay minerals, especially bentonite.
The source for solid biomass is the oil and oil seed processing industry; this is where bentonite, also called fullerís earth, is added in the processing of vegetable oils and fats. Afterwards, the fuller's earth is filtered out again after the oil has been bleached. The fullerís earth is therefore saturated with vegetable oils, and in the past this was often used as an additive to animal fodder.
This product is usually delivered by truck.


     Min      Max    
Ash content > 40
< 60 % / wt Product image
Water content > 2
< 5 % / wt
Dry substance quality > 80
< 95 % / wt
Caloric value > 11
< 18 MJ / kg
Price range > -50
< 10 € / Ton


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