Liquid Biomass

Liquid biomass is used in fermenting installations where the methane gas generated in the fermenting installation is used to drive a gas motor. With liquid biomass, dry matter and ash content are used to determine energy value; the product must also be pumpable.
Liquid biomass contains vegetable oils, proteins and licithin. The amounts indicated below are strongly related to the desired substance and supply of products.
The individual products in liquid biomass are predominantly by-products from the oil and oil seed processing industries as a result of vegetable oil and fats processing. In the past, these by-products were often used as animal fodder.
Liquid biomass is usually delivered by tanker.


     Min      Max    
Ash content > 2
< 10 % / wt Product image
Water content > 10
< 50 % / wt
Dry substance quality > 20
< 70 % / wt
F.F.A. > 4
< 30 mg / KOH
Caloric value > 7
< 25 MJ / kg
Price range > -10
< 150 € / Ton


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