Bio-Oil Specifically for Use by Power Stations

Bio-oil specifically for use by power stations where heat and/or electricity are produced using a steam cycle or possibly directly by so-called fuel-driven turbines, can be delivered with very low ash and moisture contents if necessary; the increased acid value “FFA” of this oil does not allow it to be used by diesel motors at this time. In part as a result of this, the price-quality ratio is very favorable for this application. The type of combustion boiler will largely determine levels of ash and moisture content.

This type of bio-oil contains unprocessed and processed vegetable oils and these can be delivered according to the following specifications.
The composition of vegetable fatty acids from the oil and oil seed processing industries, is mostly a mixture of soy, palm, rape and jatropha oils.
This oil is usually delivered by ship to the larger power stations; for smaller stations the minimum purchasing amounts of 20 tons are usually delivered by tanker.


     Min      Max    
Ash content > 0,05
< 0,2 % / wt Product image
Water content > 0,05
< 0,2 % / wt
Melting point > 15
< 50 °C
F.F.A. > 17
< 50 mg / KOH
Caloric value > 36,5
< 39 MJ / kg
Price range > 280
< 385 € / Ton


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