Bio-Oil Specifically for CHP Use

Bio-oil used specifically for CHP (Combined Heat and Power) in low, medium and even high speed common rail diesel motors. In addition to the electrical energy produced, the heat released is also put to use. For this type of bio-oil, it is important to look at parameter pH values, or FFA (free fatty acids), carefully. Generally speaking, the faster the motor runs, and the smaller it is, the higher the quality of the oil must be.
This type of bio-oil contains raw and processed crude vegetable oils, which can be delivered according to the following specifications, depending strongly on the type of bio-CHP for which the oil will be used. 
The base of this product is crude and/or refined vegetable oil, predominately consisting of soy, palm and in the future, possibly jatropha oil.
This oil can be delivered by tanker; the minimum purchasing amount is 20 tons.


     Min      Max    
Ash content > 0,02
< 0,1 % / wt Product image
Water content > 0,02
< 0,1 % / wt
Melting point > 5
< 50 °C
F.F.A. > 0,01
< 5 mg / KOH
Caloric value > 36,5
< 39 MJ / kg
Price range > 350
< 550 € / Ton


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