Welcome to Van der Kooy Pijnacker Bio-fuel

Van der Kooy Bio-fuels is specialized in producing oils and fats for various types of biomass stations such as electricity plants, fermentation installations and heating installations for industry and horticulture in Europe, etc.

KooyOur production facilities in Pijnacker have sufficient capacity to receive and process large streams of crude bio-oil, resulting in bio-fuel of a consistently high technical quality. If desired, the KIWA product certificate Liquid Fuels can be supplied.

At our production facilities we have at our disposal several different processing installations to process crude oils and fats into clean liquid bio-fuel, such as bio-oil and high calorie products for biogas installations.

Processing installations:

In addition, we possess sufficient equipment and facilities such as:

All of this in order to transport, suction, temporarily store and even heat our customer-driven products on location quickly and efficiently, and serve you in the best way possible.

We work and deliver according to the official quality control and assurance system BRL-K21010.
These assessment guidelines simplify the duties of license providers and maintainers. Because the license requires that only bio-fuel which adheres to BRL-K21010/01 can be supplied, it is guaranteed that no unwanted emissions will form as a result of incorrect fuel. An inspection related to maintaining the environmental permit can easily determine whether the bio-fuel meets requirements.


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